Hello! Is there a way to update skeleton by reimporting?
I need to make 2 people doing different animations on one rig and then everything should be combined in one file with one skeleton, but each animator might need to make changes on rig (adding new images and bones, skins) and after one make changes, second will take project and apply changes to his project.
So is it possible to update skeleton? I've tried through JSON and it comes with error which I can't understand(both in "replace" and "ignore" modes) :lol:

Thanks everyone in advance!
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You can check your log for more information on why the import failed.

There's not a way to combine a skeleton as you described. A skeleton is made up of a lot of references to the various parts, it would get very complex to merge them. There are also invariants that must be upheld, like rules for name uniqueness.

Ideally if you share a project for multiple people to work on, they would change only animations, not rigging in setup mode. Then you can merge them using import project, animations. When rigging changes are needed, the master project would be updated and provided to the multiple people again.
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