3D we have controllers for bones making it easier to move them . I always select the image and have to mess around which causes issues. Why not add controllers? For bones.

Anyways I like Spine, but I FIND myself using less an less for Unity due to being limited when it can do, unless we spent almost 300 bucks.

What is the Pro and Con from Spine, Puppet2d UNI2D ,Spriter.

I see one Pro for Spine is that you can use it inside and outside of Unity. Another it uses 2D tool kit great for Performance.

Cons, its to expensive for indie's Vs other programs as I mentioned. So I can't right now justify buying the Pro version , vs having the other programs. So no disrespect but I like someone to give me a good reason to buy the Pro vs the others.

By the way some of the others have good support as well. So trying to debate which one to keep using and see if Pro is worth me upgrading. I have the regular version and so far its been useless to me sorry. With deformation , IK, I have found Spine useless to me from the games I have made so far with it. I do this professional its not a hobby.

Thanks for any input. I mainly use Unity, but I do use other engines from time to time.

PS I have no issues upgrading, but I need it to be better than the ones I NAMED since the cost of most of them are the same as the regular version so I'm trying to find out why Spine is so much more for the same features as some of the other programs. If it is just because you can use out side Unity to, then to me spending another 220 bucks is not worth it, so far that is all I can see so far. So anyone who has used any of those programs let me know why they like Spine more and they have Pro Spine .

I would like to hear this from Pro users only please. Because as I SAID I have the regular Spine version. The first time I USED it, it never did import to Unity, which caused a lot of issues for me when I was in school doing my BA. I never did get the issue fixed from support. So I had to remake it,and it was fine, but it took hours and hours of work, I did the same process. It was blamed on a image that was missing, I added back, same bug was there, so again, I'm an indie company we can't waste money anymore on programs that may be useless or not as good.

So any info would be great. Thanks guys!


No one?? Thanks anyways, I guess no pro user can give a good reason. Thanks I WILL just pass on Pro ..
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Missed this. How long did you wait for a reply - can't see your original post time.

As the guy developing the hell out of the spine unity runtime, and as a spine pro user, I'll answer this later today (probably 12 hours or so from now).
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