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The problem I am facing now is that Spine is not opened
despite spending about a minute for initialization.

Message popped up saying,
Sorry. Spine was unable to authenticate your activation code:

A connection was established, but not to the expected server.
Please check your internet connection and any firewall settings that may be
blocking Spine.

It seems that the IT support team at my workplace has
upgraded the firewall firmware today, and Spine worked with no problem
about 2 days ago.

I'm attaching a log for the detailed description of the problem.
I would really appreciate your help!
Thank you!

Team GooCat
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Sorry for the trouble. It seems your IT team has introduced a proxy between you and us. Either that, or they disallow connections between your machine and our servers at, and Sadly, there is nothing on our end we can do on our end. Please let your IT team know that Spine needs to be able to connect to these servers and also send them the documentation on proxy servers: Proxy server - Spine User Guide
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