Hi we've been using an old runtime on Phaser 3, (3.7.94)
and then have recently upgraded to the recent runtime and have updated the Spine Data to 3.8.99,

Afterwards, we've started to see these artifacts on the texture at the edges
even though all other settings have been kept the same?

Would there be options to remove this?
Or would be need to update Spine data further from 3.8.99 to fix this?

Top one has the grayish lines (3.8.99)
Bottom one is when it was fine (3.7.94)

Your feedback would be most appreciated!

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This looks like a mismatch of pre-multiplied alpha settings when exporting the texture atlas from Spine and what you use in the Phaser runtime. Please make sure both use the same setting. I'm unsure if the Phaser runtime uses PMA by default, please consult their documentation.
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