I have a character with 6 animations in total: an idle one and six attack ones.
Whenever I click on the screen, a new attack animation is played, resetting the index to be played when reaching the last one.
Since I want the animations to run smoothly between them, I do AddAnimation to add the attack animations to the Track Queue.

Now, the problem I have is: As I said, animations are concatenated when the player clicks on the screen. I track a "clicks per second" variable, and when it's 0, I do a SetAnimation with the Idle animation (even use ClearTracks before), but it won't start until the last animation added to the Track Queue has finished playing, which are the queued attack animations, so the Idle one won't start running as soon as it's been called.

Any suggestions on how to solve this?

Also, isn't ClearTracks supposed to remove all animations from the Queue?

-- 11 Aug 2015, 23:09 --

Redid the logic of my character animations and it seems to be mostly solved.
I guess the problem I implemented its logic.
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