Hey guys and gals, Design3 is looking for experienced Spine artists interested in producing learning content in the form of screencast tutorials. Extremely high attention to detail and clear, concise language skills are required. Teaching/tutoring experience is preferred but coachable. We understand everyone's methods are a bit different but basically we look for a logical, well structured and pragmatic approach to all lessons. Special attention to the ‘why’ in each step/decision is necessary - but we also want to make sure each lesson is fun.

Rates are based on project, pre-negotiated based on lesson objectives, deliverables and timeline. If you’re interested please drop us a line with links to your up to date portfolio. If you were part of a team please be sure to highlight your role in a given project and mention any strengths.

We're currently looking to cover the following topics (there could be others)
* Bipedal character animation
* Glints/sparkles
* Machinery
* Atmospheric effects
* Creature animation

Looking forward to discussing possible projects.
Reply or contact <removed> for details.
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