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So I have lookup up the old post but none looks like what I need so I make this new topic. Hope it doesn't bother.

I have monster project with some png sequence vfx. And the frames are not transparent. If slot mode is turned to additive, the black background is hidden and the effect looks good. But once I export animations to png sequence, the background shows up.
Is there anyway to export images which look the same as how they are in Spine editor?
Thank you in advance.

By the way, I am not original creator of the project, just an editor. :|

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When the PNG background is not transparent, the additive blending will happen with the background color. For a white background, the additive result is white (white is already the brightest color, so any color added to it is still white). To look like it does in the editor, you'd need to use a similar background (usually gray, so when you add colors to it you can see them). This means additive may not be very useful for you when exporting images/video. It's more useful at runtime, where the skeleton is displayed on various backgrounds. Once you write a PNG, those parts of the PNG image are no longer additive because PNG doesn't have that concept.

When the PNG background is transparent, it should not show up as black. We've fixed this now in 4.0.52, however additive blending with a transparent background won't write any pixels where there is only the background underneath (adding colors to a transparent color results in a color that is still transparent). Additive blending may still be useful where the skeleton has other images underneath.
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