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There is no better way to manage the order of layers, and managing layers on spine is bad.


When the amount of layers is moved in bulk, the ability to move layers is invalidated.


Naming in parent-child sets I often spend a lot of time constantly updating and replacing skins, often because of naming problems


Importing the images output by the new psd plugin can only be recognized by importing them into a folder, so managing files is also bad.


It is very troublesome to replace the pictures that need to be repaired without classification
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ACG 89
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谢谢你的反馈。 为了帮助我们在未来改进Spine的功能,我们想问你更多关于你的使用情况,如果你能解释你为什么有目前的配置。
你似乎在一个骨架中管理多个角色,在这种情况下,为每个角色创建一些皮肤以重复使用同一个插槽是很常见的。 你是否考虑过这样的管理方法? 由于你分享的截图没有显示皮肤节点,我不确定你是否只用插槽功能管理多个角色,或者是否同时使用皮肤。如果你能补充更多信息,我们将不胜感激。


Thank you for your feedback. In order to help us improve Spine's functionality in the future, we'd like to know a little more about your use case.
You seem to manage multiple characters in a skeleton, in which case it's common to create some skins for each character to reuse the same slot. Have you considered this method of management? Since the screenshot you shared does not show the Skins node, I'm not sure you are managing multiple characters with only the Slots feature or if you are using Skins together. We would appreciate it if you could add more information.
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