hello, I apologize because I haven't bought the program yet but it looks promising. I would like to have this one question first before I buy because I am not using this program for game making. please excuse my weak knowledge of the program.

I am thinking of using this program to animate multiple characters, like an animated show, and my plan is to animate the characters in Spine and put the finished animation into Blender or Clip Studio to make touches up and add background elements. I understand this program is used for characters in games, so it wouldn't make sense to use this program like another animation software better for my goal.

but I really enjoy the way I am able to use PNGs to make rigs move and hopefully I am able to manipulate keyframes to make it look less smooth and feel like its animated by hand. I want to try this program out but I am afraid this is just not for my goals.

Is it possible to make rigs in Spine then animate multiple of them? And is it possible to save those already-made rigs and use them whenever is necessary? And finally can I put a reference video in the background of the animation? I would put a rough animatic so I can position the rigs as I need.
I apologize for this question, I want to try this program but I feel like its not right for these purposes. Please suggest other recommended programs if you want to, but let me know if Spine is able to do these things!
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Yes, you can have multiple skeletons in one project. You can try it in the trial: click on the Spine logo in the upper left, then New Skeleton. Or you can duplicate a skeleton.

The order skeletons are drawn is the order they appear in the tree. You can drag skeletons up/down in the tree. Note an entire skeleton is always on top of or below other skeletons. If you want to mix the draw order, you would need to animate within the same skeleton.

There have been a number of animated shows done with Spine, eg:
Courier – Episode 01 [Animation, Cartoon]

Spine doesn't support playing video in the background. I think most commonly the animation is exported from Spine and finished in other software.
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