I believe I found a bug related to white stripping when using both meshed and non-meshed attachment with the same image.
I have attached a small project that reproduces the issues which contains both exports with stripped and without stripped whitespaces.

Here is how the test project looks inside spine:

And this is how it looks like in unity with whitespace stripping on both x and y during export:

And this is in skeleton viewer with whitespace stripping (same as above):

And this is in skeleton viewer with DISABLED whitespace stripping on both x and y:

Both the white circles are using the same image, and the one in the center is using normal region attachment, while the other one in the bottom right corner is using mesh with 100% coverage (in reality it shall be the same with the region attachment I believe).

My assumption is that while doing the white striping the region attachment is fixed (reduced in size?) while this is not happening for the mesh one.
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Thanks for the clear reproduction steps and project! The problem was when a mesh and region use the same image AND the mesh is larger than after whitespace stripping. It's pretty amazing how complex it gets, there are many edge cases with all the different ways of packing and settings. At any rate, we've fixed it in 4.0.34. Cheers! :beer:
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