This is the last animation i'm working on :

I would like to know how to improve the result, and how to hide articulations (I made a gradient on the shadow to try to hide a little but it's not really pretty :S).

Maybe animate hairs with multiple textures for the head, but i'm scared that it will be not fluid.

Thanks for your feedback :)
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Josue Motta

I think it will be hard to hide the joints, its the curse of this technique i'm afraid.

To make it more fluid i would try to add more second movements/animations. On this character i would ad it to the face and hair. What i mean with second movements is a movement that ads to the first big movement and that is more subtle.

Like the hair could keep going down for two - three frames and then keep following the main movement of the head. Same on the way down it could keep going up two-three frames. Now it looks rock solid.

Also try distorting his hair and chest height with scale. Just a little bit when the body is at its lowest, Maybe .95 or .90 Just a little bit, barely noticeable but it ads a lot on the whole. It ads a bit more weight to the character. Like the sensation when he puts down his left leg, it looks like he puts his whole weight on it, thats nice. :)
Josue Motta
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