Hello everyone.

First of all: Sorry for my bad english!

I am a beginner using Spine. And i tried this Image Switching fromt his video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gtn-RfrUnI

My Animation-Results in Spine were pretty good. But when i imported my Spine project in Unity and baked it as a Prefab (with Animator Controller and all those things) I was a bit confused. Even in the settings of my Animator Controller with all my anmations.. the Prefab changed correctly.. BUT the other images are not hided like in Spine.

My Animation in Spine: http://puu.sh/iR3AT/8662b36820.jpg
My Anmation in Unity using Baking : http://puu.sh/iR3BN/7e2a4ba8a6.jpg

The Animations in Unity are correct.. but the unnecessary Images dont hide in my Animation.. And even the Prefab is just a mess.. every Image is attached?

I hope you can help me and you know what I mean.
Thank you for your help!

Edit: I fixed the Problem. The green Image in Spine wasnt in hide Mode in the Bone Folder.
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Glad you fixed it.

It should be mentioned though that Baking is a fairly advanced feature and has a lot of limitations. You should only use baking if you CANT use the Spine runtime for some reason (like wanting to sell your characters on the Asset Store, or you simply don't need complex animation)
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