so I have a transform constraint. It works in 1 direction, but is there a way to get it to work in the opposite direction as well?

Edit: here is a link to the video - https://www.dropbox.com/s/283h32q5jbn6cqo/Untitled.m4v?dl=0

(i have a video but i can't figure out which format i'm allowed to post in so i'll describe it.)
I have a head facing forward. When i move "face controller" to the left side of the head the left eye and right eye (2 seperate bones) follow it and get closer together to appear they are rounding the heads volume. I bring Face controller back to center and they reset.

that is good.

When i move face controller to the right side of the head, the eyes continue to get further apart.
So on the left side the are close, middle the are normal and right side they are far apart. What I would like is when i cross that middle thresh hold they start to get closer again and follow the volume of the head.

I'm sorry if this is hella confusing. Thanks for your input in advance


Also a follow up question, would I make it so when the controller gets to the side of the head, the eye also scales. Is that something that Constraints is capable of? I would like to move the controller to the edge of the face and have they eye be in a certain position with a certain scaling. Thanks again.
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You want some nice 3D features even if some are achievable most of the time effort does not worth it.

Attached image shows what is actually happening when we do head turn control using spine features (top), what you want is bot.

If you constrain eyes on one controller, and use with different values for them you will always get your current result.

You may need 2 controllers, one for left right up down, other for depth. But I never actually was able to made it myself however hard I tried.

Also with 4.x Spine version they have made some improvements on constraints (separate X, Y axis) that can come handy

But apart from curiosity and completing the challenge I would really not suggest going so far, especially for this kind of character.

In most cases task is to deliver the emotional experience of the character and not showcase your skills or spine features.

My chaotic video with more info.

Some related tips
Spine: Tips: 32 eye limit
Spine: Tips: oval eye
Spine: Tips: 2 eyes
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