Hey dudes and gals,

Just wanted to show something we been doing for a project that will be undisclosed in da future. Basically, I love animations and wanted to have a character capable of doing a lot of things, in fluid ways.

Most of these things could give you a clue on how you could use Spine. I mean, not Spine itself, but... erm... you get what I mean. Be-

Things covered are:

· Locomotion. Walk, walk backwards (reversed by coding), run, sprint, ducking. At different speeds.
· Aiming. Bones rotate to look at things. There's actually different gun holdings, firing and such. Also, you can holster guns.
· Cover system. Da most complex, to cover, in cover, shooting, going to cover again.
· Jumping. Not that complex, handles falling, going up, going down, etc.
· Edge climbing. That one is kinda complex since kidnaps the actor for a bit to properly move it, following animation's movement. Hard to explain.
· More stuff. Yea.

Anywho, here's the playlist with that stuff ... 1oCD0dW3Zg
[woah, huge size bobby]

Aaaand, nope, wont use Spineboy on the project, so, hold your lawyers (?) :)

Thanks NATE and the other dude I can't remember (he knows who he is, yea) for the patience and for answering my questions! :*

Anyways, enjoy, long life to spine :rock:
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Poor Shiu! :p

Wow tons of cool stuff in the videos, thanks for sharing! :) I especially like the edge climbing.
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