Hi dear Spine Community!

At present I am an Indie Unreal Engine 4 Developer. I began my Project in January this Year.

I might want to do a solicitation on the what appears to me to be the best Software for Sprite Animation reason.

With UE4 my advancement isn't extremely quick, contrasted with Unity. Altho im very far into the Engine now. :heart:

I'm going to request a Spine License on my own machine for follwing reason:

I have a tight Week and am perched on my Project for 60+ hours seven days. Other than my "other" Job at a nearby Store I like to rehearse 2 "Military Art" Forms (as far as Western-ish nations,) when going out with my Dog. Additionally Meditation,

Za Zen. Its generally essential to rehearse mindfulness and to keep mental and actually Fitness up.

I'm into those things sort of things. Cooking chinese noodles and quit eating at full Sun for the remainder of the Day.

I could compose somewhat more, depending how the response is and on the off chance that I feel allowed to tell more.

Also, presently I need to generously request some help. Could you, Team of "Esotericsoftware", sort out a route for me to aquire a License to your Product without causing me to include possesions I dont own?
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