I put this together using some assets from the "OpenBundle by Nik"

http://emscripten.risingcode.com/qwqz-5 ... index.html

The original images came from here: http://opengameart.org/content/heavy-te ... ine-assets

I managed to make a rudimentary skeleton and got a decent walk/jump cycle going (though it does not match the original the animation from the original artist)

I could use some help figuring out how to make the walk more authentic and "menacing" and any tips on how to get the feet to always line up perfectly with the ground (I have just been eyeballing as you probably have noticed)
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Until the possibility of pinning, eyeballing is the option at hand. To help you out there is the onion skin (ghosting) panel that you can use to see a overlay of the past frames and reposition the feet to match
If trying to go a ground match, use the graph lines and checkered grid to signify your ground line.
Even mechanically you need a little bounce in the step.
I saw this posted by Sez in another forum. The character walk sheet is invaluable.
http://www.angryanimator.com/word/2010/ ... alk-cycle/

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