We are still looking for You, we need You :)

We now offer up to 10% of revenues share and paid milestone from ks up to cumulative 2x benchmark price for piece.

I know really well, that no one wants to work for free and you all deserve to be paid well for your great services,
but we got our project this far, we have playable alpha, last week our team joined SFX designer and music composer, all share the same risk.
You risk only your precious time and opportunity cost, but our core team spend last year to work on these and I spent hefty sum of money to get this far,
so our risk is even bigger if we could possibly get burnt from all of this.

Please reconsider our offer
Martin and the team

Info about the project:

We are small indie team from all around the world consisted of 1 artist, 1 programmer, 2 writers, 1 marketing specialist, 1 SFX composer, 1 score composer, and me "designer", idea holder and all other roles as team leader and recruiter.
We were hardcore RPG players, we love games and want to bring gamers enjoy from gamers :)
We all have day jobs and funding is provided from my savings so that is, we can't offer much of salary now. Yeah nighttime is our core element and working every day almost year now.
We working towards kickstarter campaign to eventually raise money for finishing the game. We have fully coded core mechanics and we are about to start polishing.

Our game is open world dark fantasy 2D RPG with new approach to genre mechanics, choice made narrative dialog based storyline and brings "Unique visual experience" to all genre lovers.

What we need:
We are looking for creative, talented person, who can give life to it. Spine animator with experience with Unity workflow.
For our amazing battle mechanic we are looking for original VFX designer, someone who can make spectacular visual effects for skills, atacks and other actions. It can be one person :)

We have not established studio yet, because running costs would unnecessarily consume our budget beforehand. We plan to do it right before finishing preparations for kickstarter campaign. We can offer paid milestone from ks campaign, if successful.

Game Preview:
- You can see more at our twitter, or fb page, or steam concept page

or you can read our devblog to know more about our project
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