Here's my character Erin, from my future noir adventure game, EthEx2080, freshly animated in Spine:

To date I have been using Anime Studio to create the animations and exporting them to PNG sprite sheets out of Anime Studio. If you're interested in the development of EthEx2080 check my Dev Blog That has been OK, but as the game is very character heavy, with animations more "hi-res" and the character is quite large on the screen sprite sheets blow out really quickly.

Spine has been looking pretty awesome in early experiments, and since buying it I have been working on exporting all my art assets out of Anime Studio so I can animate the character in Spine. The above is the first production ready attempt at using the existing art in Spine. Its good enough to move forward I think.

The character has 29 bones (incl the root) and 37 slots.

There are extra bones for "patches" which are small blobs of colour that I use to cover over where the black outlines of the comic-book style art would overlap. These patches need to be translated and scaled during the animation to make the arms and legs appear "all in one piece" rather than like sections of a paper doll, due to the black outline. The "patch" technique comes from Anime Studio, and I was able to get the same thing working in Spine pretty readily.

There are also extra slots as I use the "fake draw order" trick to make the arms go in front, and then behind the character as she walks.

There's probably room for improvement but this is just one of an 8-way facing so I have to get on and do the others. :-)
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I think it looks good, great start!

Couple of things I noticed:

1) Her hair would bob the other way on the opposite step, currently it looks odd (to me) that it bounces back the same way when she steps with the opposite foot.

2) The shading on the inside of her legs makes it looks like she has wet herself, or even worse shat herself lol!
I checked your blog out too and to me it is even more noticeable on the side view.

Look forward to seeing the rest of your stuff. :)
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