Hey guys!

I know Pixi-Spine is not an official project, but it uses pixi-ts and that's what the error comes down to.
About my project: I have been using multiple animated characters throughout the project. All with no problems.

Now our animator sent us a UI file and I am a bit confused.
Although I know the basics of spine, I can't seem to understand what is going on.
We get the message:
Region not found in atlas: Border_Circle (region attachment: Border_Circle)
Things I have checked:
1. The atlas file is being loaded correctly and can be viewed in the network tab and in console output
2. The atlas image (1/1) is being loaded properly.
3. The region
exists in the Atlas file and has valid coordinates
4. The specified coordinates are verified through Photoshop: The coordinates are correctly identifying the graphics.

What else could be the reason for this error?
I tried to debug the error in the library by putting some console.log statements.
iterates through an empty array. Any idea why this could be happening?


Okay, got some progress. It seems that the TextureLoader can't always handle base64 encoded resources. Interesting...
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Please send us the skeleton and atlas file so we can fix this!
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