I am working on a project using Spine and Phaser 3.

When I create my character I insert multiple atlases because I have a dynamic project with multiple clothing combinations.
(The atlases I load depend on the assets the user choose to wear)

This is my code (In preload function):
let atlases = [
let spineObj = this.load.spine("skeleton0", "skeleton.json", atlases);

Once I have more than 10 atlases in my array I get the following error that is seen in the attachment.

Any idea why is this happening?
This is a blocker on our end.
I would appreciate your help,
Have a good day!
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I'm afraid we do not maintain the Spine integration in Phaser, so I'm unfamiliar with how it works. Your stack trace only shows Phaser specific code. Maybe I can help if you can provide an (unminified) sample project that shows the error. Alternatively you could ask the Phaser authors for input.
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