I'm currently working on a game called Potions: A Curious Tale that revolves around a young girl working to become a potion master in a world riddled with fable and fairy tale influences. She must adventure into the dark and mysterious areas surrounding her town to battle monsters and find ingredients to craft potions to help her friends. Her only method of fighting is using the potions themselves, so they act as ammo as well as help progress the plot and solve puzzles.

We have successfully Kickstarted the game and now are just working on content creation. Our current 2D animator has limited availability, so we are looking for another to assist.

The main camera angle is a three-quarters view, as you can see in our trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPX-E13eGK8

We switched from illustrated characters (as seen in the trailer) to a cell-shaded approach to help them pop more against the scenes.

Please provide examples of your previous work and contact me at renee@stumblingcat.com

I have a Spine art test prepared for any artists that seem promising. Unfortunately, we do not have the funds to pay you for the time the art test takes.

Thank you!
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Hey Riku, Have sent you a mail with reel on it! Cheers :)
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