My small studio is seeking an artist with a cartoony visual style to help with art + animation production for a bat-oriented educational game. Baring that, we're looking to add any cartoony spine artists we can find to our internal roster for future work.

- This work is paid.

==Rights Assignment==
- All rights to the produced work will be assigned to the studio upon completion of the job and payment.

==The task==
- Character Design
- Mock-screenshot production
(several months down the line)
- character skeleton production
- animation production
- interactive object / environment production

==The project==
- A 2D educational game exploring White Nose Syndrome-- a scourge currently impacting bat populations throughout the world. (learn more here:
- Early plans for gameplay involve Pikmin-style manipulation of bats, with resource collection. It might be considered vaguely similar to Blood Cell Brigade (, a game we prototyped many years ago at a game jam.

- If interested, please send your typical rates and portfolio to austin (at) Thank you!
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