The game will be called "Bad Hombres". Currently the game has zero final art, it's composed of an assortment of random sprite sheets I found online to build various gameplay elements. the game will feature Santa Muerta as the main playable character but I haven't decided on what other characters should be or how the environment will look.
I've uploaded a gameplay video here:

WebGL demo here:

We can discuss the characters and enemy types, what they should be etc. I have some ideas but I'm open to others.
The other aspect of the game is the 3D levels including destructible elements. They will need to be remade and look prettier obviously.

I'm thinking of a cartoonish look but that's open for discussion.
For the 2D portion there are about 7 characters which need to be created and animated and 5 weapons along with their UI and pick up images.

For 3D elements there's 2 kinds of platforms required, a ground model, wall model and breakable wall model.
Feel free to PM me with a link to your portfolio.
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Just PM'd you ;)
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