Are you an artist looking for a contract? A Spine enthusiast wanting to grow your portfolio? Just curious? Read along!

My background
I'm a French programmer, and I've been using Spine since the first Kickstarter.
Compared to games, the Live Wallpaper (LWP) category is clearly more accessible for a first application. (i.e. there aren't thousands of studios filling the category).
I used Spine in a first attempt at making a Live Wallpaper (see here: ... .me.wallie ). Since I'm not an artist, the assets weren't very appealing. That's where you step in.

Your work
Producing a set of assets composing a scene for the wallpaper. Theses assets must contain at least (more can be easily added):
- 3 characters (skins)
- 8 animations corresponding to the differents reactions of the character
- onTapOut, onTapIn, idle, onSwipe, onTilt (reactions to different events on the device)
- 3+ idle animations to make it feel "alive"
- 1 background (animated or not)

The style/type/look of the scene is at your convenience (as long as it respects the Appstore rules and aren't offensive). Be creative and make what you like, you're totally free.

Business model
The application will be put on the store for free, with one skin and limited options. The "premium" version will be available with an in-app purchase for a given price.

I don't have a precise estimation of how much it will yield yet. In consequence, the most honest deal to me is to give you a revenue share. Once the first app is released and has a few month of existence, I will have a better overview of it and will be able to propose fixed price to the next contractors.

I intend to produce several apps, featuring different styles/artists with the same system. As the code won't change much, it will give me time to improve the application and add feature, such as reaction to time of the day/weather/messages... Feel free to suggest specific features.

Produce a set of animated characters. They will end up in a live wallpaper for Android, and you will get paid for it. Contact me if you're interested.
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