Hello everyone,

I have created an extension that enhances [SpineBone] Drawer with Odin Inspector

You can find the source of the extension here: https://github.com/vhristov/spine-odin-extensions

At the moment only SpineBone attribute is supported, but I have plans to add support for other attributes in the future.
Currently this is more of a proof of concept and call for a feedback of what more needs to be changed/enhanced.
I have chosen SpineBone as this is the selector I have most struggle with, because of the depth I need to navigate every time when selecting a bone.

Demo of how the attribute looks now:

If you are willing to try this and find any issues and/or suggestions how it can be improved, don't hesitate to write them.
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That's great, thanks very much for sharing! Always appreciated! :cooldoge:
I'm sure it will benefit many users even if the feedback remains scarce.
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