Hi everyone,

The game is Lemme Tail You a Story.

DKC inspired, you are a Lemur named Lemme, living in a Treehouse. Everything got stolen, even his clothes, so Lemme goes on an adventure to find out who did this... But this adventure turns out to be much bigger than anything he would have imagined.

Lemme can, walk, run, jump, climb, swim, attack etc. You go through very dynamic levels, as much vertical as horizontal. Half linear, half open world. You collect items, unlock secrets, powerups/transform your tail and evolve on a world map.

There are a total of 7 characters so far and only 2 of them are not rigged/animated. The boss and the Shaman. Lemme also needs a few more animations.

The goal is to make a complete Prototype, and then show it to journalists and publishers and other key contacts. I already have important contacts, waiting for this prototype to be ready.

We are not rushing, it's a relax and smooth dev, as in... you can work on other things at the same time. I pay once in a while when I have money available. So at least I am not saying yo come work for me for % blablabla. Yes it's not much but at least I give some money when I can. Obviously the bigger picture here is to get a deal with a publisher or get the game through a patreon or a Kickstarter/steam early access. All these options are very interesting but before all this we need a solid, fun, little prototype with high quality gameplay, graphics, audio and animations.

The game is already running, already a lot of stuff has been done so you are not reading about a dream project of maybes and ifs. It's a project with solid documents and design, everything is already defined. I need an animator that understand this opportunity and these risks. I need someone I can trust and who is ready to work with me for at least a few weeks or months.

It's a big game, and it's a challenging project. If you think you are interested to know more we can have a small meeting on skype. Just comment or pm me.

Thanks for your interest and your consideration,


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Hi, I have experience in programs photoshop, illustrator, after effect, Animate (Flash), Dragon Bones, Spine, Cinema 4d, also see my portfolio
my skype maxsokal

let's discuss your project
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I have experience in 2d spine and 3d animation . let me know still need any 2d freelance animatore
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