Our team is actively looking for a 2D Animator ( Video Game Background ).

We've been working on our game for quite awhile and are nearing release.

Were looking to have an animator that understands both the intricacies of animation as well as the workflow/pipeline to get a character animated.

Our studio is relatively new so were hoping to find someone with enough experience to guide us in finding solutions for possible problems that might arise when animating our characters.

We have a lot to learn about animation in games / animating characters and are excited to get the opportunity to learn alongside someone who knows the field well.

What we are looking for in an animator:


  • Willing to meet up online to discuss animation revision.
  • Experience with animation in the game pipeline.
  • Animation Reel.
  • Understanding of how to rig up characters.
  • Understanding of best animation practices.
  • Experience with exporting files to game engines.
  • Can gauge and quickly determine if an animation will need additional assets, etc to reach final animation goal
  • Can help setup a good pipeline to quickly transform concept animations to production animations.
  • Can offer solutions and suggestion on possible animation issues. ( Our Animator Sensei :) )


*Proficient animator in Spine2D.
*Experience with Unity.


Create all animations for a single character in our game. Animations include.

  • 3 jumps
  • Idle
  • Run
  • Fall
  • Land
  • Die (Potentially)

Important Animation Issues/Hurdles:

  • Animations are very quick ( not many frames to create ).
  • Animations need to be able to transition smoothly ( Example landing to running )
  • Make animations feel alive / fluid
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I can help with that workflow/pipeline part. I can setup your studio in two days to have completely fluent export/import pipeline. If you interested contact me


PS : we could possibly help also with animations. Lets talk if you interested. M.
Founder & CEO Foriero s.r.o.
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I am interested in learning more about this position.
You can view my spine rigging and animation at:

I can do animation and rigging.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!
-Aden Scott
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i'm also interested in this position.
you can check my animations here:

Thank you,

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