Hi everyone,

I'm currently looking for a spine animator for an educational app project, for children.

Here's a sample of the animation

Project detail:
Required 8 animation, and another 20 animation which requires some update.

Please pm me with your samples and contact.


Erick S.
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Hi Eric :)

I am interested in helping out. Feel free to look me up on various art related sites under the same pseudonymn or my personal website:

If you think my style could work for you contact me over at - jana at 2dpixx de - and we can discuss details. I have to say right away I am currently not using spine as my animation tool so I would have to know if you need rendered animations or source-files.

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Maya DL

Hi, I'm Duong Lan Yen, I've also worked in animation, games and education jobs. We look forward to our body to work together. My gmail is: <removed> Thank you for viewing my messages
Maya DL
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