So just gonna toss my name in the ring for any programmers that are looking for someone to draw some assets for their spine projects. My name is George Lubinski, I'm 30 and I live in Connecticut. I have been training as an artist/illustrator all my life and have a bachelors in studio arts with master level course work after (I had no desire to teach, so there was no need to obtain more certification).

You can find my resume here: (i need to update this a little)

Here are some of my personal illustrations: (Some slightly NSFW) (Oil on panel) (Oil on panel) (Oil on panel) (Digital) (Digital)

And here are some Art Tests and misc work I've done recently: (Digital) (Digital) (Digital) (a User Interface for Valve's Dota2) ... =190157338 (the finished Dota2 UI)

I can charge a reasonable fee for whatever you need. I'll just quote your project via how many hours it'll take me at $20/hr. Spine assets aren't very time consuming, so I don't expect to charge much.
If you're looking for a more dedicated artist for your project (ie, want me to work on the whole project start to finish) and want to do revenue sharing I'd also be interested, but I still need a weekly pay (its fine if you assign this weekly earning as a lean against future revenue) since I'm in my 30s and have bills to pay. How much and all depends on the scope of the work.

Over all I'm fairly new to the professional indie world, as I made my living illustrating children's books in my 20s. This industry is a heck of a lot more fun. :)

Feel free to reply here or email me (<removed>).

Feb 17th Edit: I have more time opening up so please feel free to email me!
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