Hi everyone!

We're searching for a Spine Animator, to help us working on all the animations of our Indie game, DUSK. Here's the trailer:

D U S K - Trailer Games Week 2018 - YouTube

and here's the website:


As you can see from the website, DUSK has been very successful in many events in Italy and managed to win the first place at the GameRome Nordic contest, which means that this game's going to be shown at Malmö's Nordic Game Conference in May 2019, though being just a small indie project.
Some very famous games passed through the Nordic GC (Little Nightmares, INSIDE, Cities Skylines, Soma...) and we think that it will be a great window for DUSK as well.

The fact is that the DUSK Developers now need at least one Spine Animator to go on with the polishing of the already existing level and, in future, to complete the game and release it on Steam and Nintendo Switch, because the previous one (me) can't work on it anymore.

Time necessary previsions to get everything done has been made considering some hours of work every week (about 10 hours per week until 22 of May, then it can change depending on your needs) and there's no immediate payment, since no one of the team gets payed. Once the game is released, everyone would take his part of the revenues, according to what's been decided before starting to do anything.

So if anyone's interested into collaborating with this team, please write to Matteo Marzorati and ask for more deatils ( @Quantiik on Telegram, Matth94#3252 on Discord)

or, if you have any questions regarding technical Spine/animation skills, please write to me, Fabiano Caputo ( @Fabiano_il_Capo on Telegram, Fabiano Caputo#3405 on Discord)

Thanks for your time! :hi:
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