After the 1.6.12 patch every time I open the export dialogue screen spine goes up one folder for the export path. This happens recursively every time I re-export without setting the path up manually. The bug goes away when I revert back to 1.6.10

I'm using a windows 7 home premium machine and exporting to json. Pretty printing and create atlas don't seem to have any effect.


1. Open spine project
2. Export... path: C:\Shared\Work\svn\XXX00765_-_XXXXXXXX\deploy\assets\spine\character
3. Select Export JSON
4. Click Export.
5. Re-open the export dialogue
6. The path is now defaulted to one directory lower.
7. Export now dumps all the files one directory lower.

I had to make the path anonymous all the replaced characters are letters, no non-alphanumeric characters.
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Thanks for reporting. I don't see this happening, but it could be due to the paths being stored in the project differently in previous versions of Spine. I've added code that should fix it. Can you check again when 1.6.13 is released?
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