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We're evaluating Spine in the company I work for, to see if it would fit our workflow. One feature that would particularly help us is the Texture Unpack via command-line (, however, it seems that the CLI is not available using the Trial app. Is this true, or am I missing something?

Extra question: is the "Unpremultiply alpha" option, present in the GUI, available in the CLI?

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Aye, non of the CLI options are available for the trial. You can contact us about an evaluation version:

In the full version (ESS or PRO) you can unpack via the CLI:
Command line interface - Spine User Guide: Unpack

There is currently not a way to use Unpremultiply alpha from the CLI, sorry. In newer versions of Spine the atlas contains pma: true when PMA is enabled. We'll have CLI texture unpacking perform un-PMA when that is present, starting in version 4.1.26-beta.

Note we provide our texture unpacker as FOSS, as part of libgdx:
If you wanted to use that, since you have the source, you could customize it as you like.

There is also a libgdx TexturePacker, though it lacks some important features that Spine's packer has (no polygon packing, doesn't know about meshes, etc).
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