CLI export bad PNG when fps is 24 ,if i change fps to 30 ,export pngs are fine

fps 24, bad pngs ,total 140 png
spine bug1.png

command line
."D:\Program Files\Spine\Spine" -u 3.8.99 -i shenxianyu7.spine -o ..\ext3 -e e1.export.json
Spine Launcher 4.1.02
Esoteric Software LLC (C) 2013-2021 | http://esotericsoftware.com
Windows 10 Enterprise amd64 10.0
Launching: Spine 3.8.99 Enterprise
Spine Launcher 4.1.02-legacy
Starting: Spine 3.8.99
Spine 3.8.99 Enterprise
Licensed to: xxxxxxxxxxx
NVIDIA Corporation, Quadro K620/PCIe/SSE2, 4.5.0 NVIDIA 361.91
PNG export: shenxianyu7
export setting
"class": "export-png",
"name": "PNG",
"project": "xxxx\shenxianyu7.spine",
"output": "/",
"open": false,
"exportType": "animation",
"skeletonType": "single",
"skeleton": "fish_4",
"animationType": "all",
"animation": null,
"skinType": "current",
"skinNone": false,
"skin": null,
"maxBounds": true,
"renderImages": true,
"renderBones": false,
"renderOthers": true,
"linearFiltering": true,
"scale": 100,
"fitWidth": 0,
"fitHeight": 0,
"enlarge": false,
"background": null,
"fps": 24,
"lastFrame": true,
"cropX": 0,
"cropY": 0,
"cropWidth": 0,
"cropHeight": 0,
"rangeStart": -1,
"rangeEnd": -1,
"pad": false,
"msaa": 0,
"packAtlas": null,
"compression": 1
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Sorry for the trouble. Recently, there was another report that the exported file (at that time it was video format) had a frame that the skeleton parts showed“Loading”. In that case, exporting with 4.1.20-beta solved the problem, so could you try exporting with the latest beta version?
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by using 4.1.20-beta ,Missing ,Loading problems are solved ,but the total black png is still there (it's not black actually ,all pixels is (0,0,0,0))
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Are you sure it's black when you open the PNG? Windows sometimes messes up the thumbnail even with the PNG is good.

If you do get a black PNG, can you please send us your project file and images so we can see the problematic export? contact@esotericsoftware.com
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as i said ,it's not black ,all pixels is (0,0,0,0) ,spine file has send to you
ps : open the spine with 3.8.99 editor ,export png with 24fps, you can see the "black" png ,its file size is only ~ 2.5kb
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