Hi everyone!

Bee Good studios is a small group of 3 guys... one artist, an animator and a programmer.

We'll be documenting our independent studio journey with the world. We want to show you guys that you don't need permission to start something. We currently all work in the gaming industry in Montreal Canada and collectively we have worked with clients like Nickelodeon, Comedy network, Pepsi, Mondo media, Atari...too name a few.

We'll bring you some incite from...
Creating good gaming assets with Photoshop and other digital art programs
Rigging and animating in Spine
Importing work in Unity
Programming for mobile
and even brewing the perfect coffee for late night work sessions!

Stay tune for the first post!


Hi everyone,

Today we want to share a character designed in Photoshop.

Cool Steevy is the perfect example of what can be achieved in looks with Spine coupled with a game engine like Unity.

In the next few posts we'll be preparing Steevy for the stage aka Spine.

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I have very similar shoes on at the moment XD very cool character! I wonder what you'll make him do :D
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Sounds exciting! Best of luck in your adventures.
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