Hello, we have some performance issues in Unity relative to some Spine functions. I didn't find anything useful on the forums so I'm asking you for some help. Do you know what could causes this and how I could limit those calls?

The performance spikes arrives early in the game when there is 1 spine animated character and maybe 10 enemies max ingame. I made a build and link the profiler with it.

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So I tried to reproduce the issue in a blank project, to reproduce this you can download the zip attachment.
Import Spine Unity package 4.0. test if the scene with the character works ok in the mainScene and then make a development build with deep profiler attached. You should see the spikes like in my screenshots.


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Sorry to hear you're having troubles, and thanks for providing the example assets and scene. Unforunately we were unable to reproduce the problem, we encountered no performance spike at all. Could you please provide a complete Unity project (without the Library directory and other unnecessary files) so that we have a better chance of reproducing the problem? You can send it as a zip package to contact@esotericsoftware.com, briefly mentioning this forum thread URL so that we know the context.
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