I have been working with Spine-Unity Runtime for a few projects and didn't notices this until now, because this is the first time we had to update the events that were placed in Spine multiple times for a Frame Perfect situation. I don't know if this is a bug, but maybe someone can help to know what is happening.

First some info:
- Unity Version: 2019.3.10f1
- Spine Version: 3.8.97
- RunTime: 3.8
- I'm working with an Animator Controller with Spine-Mecanim system

Now, when I add a new animation to the project and generate the animator controller for the first time, everything goes smooth and perfect, but after that it doesn't matter what changes I do in spine or how I modify the JsonFile, the project doesnt update the events inside the clips.

I have forced the Update from animation clips in the SkeletonData, have re-imported all the files, manually changed the JsonFile to the correct times (even tried to add events from other animations).

Even when I change all the names from the JsonFile, from the Atlas and the images, and with that create a new Animator controller (the clips still has the same name), the Events simply doesnt update to what is written inside the JsonFile. But if I use the exact same files in a new project all the events are updated correctly.

In this situation I'm stuck with the first Events that I used for the animation clip or I'm forced to change them manually inside Unity.

I hope is clear enough and someone can point me to the right direction to solve this.

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We are sorry for the troubles!

This seems to be a bug, I have created and issue ticket here:
We will let you know once the issue has been resolved. Thanks for reporting!


We are very sorry for the long delay! This issue seems to no longer occur on the latest version of the 3.8 runtime, and also not on 4.0 or 4.1-beta. We will happily reopen the ticket in case you can provide reproduction steps to still make this happen. Thanks for reporting!
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