Hello, I want to write an extension to automate the insertion of animation into a project. I would like to clarify whether it is possible to access the Create Animation Referece Asset button.
Unfortunately, my skills are not enough to understand how it is called, if it's not difficult to specify the path. I would love to study the code.

I will supplement the appeal, I figured out where the required class is located. When trying to load resources and convert it, the _t field remains empty, unlike the _z field, it is filled in correctly.

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The SkeletonDataAssetInspector class is for the Unity Inspector UI that is shown when the asset is selected. You can't cast an asset to the UI class. Instead you would need to duplicate the code that is executed when the button is pressed, which can be found here:
SkeletonDataAssetInspector.cs: line 226
SkeletonDataAssetInspector.cs: line 253-279
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