Hi all,

I want to have an 8 direction 2D animation to be used in Unity.

- It is for the main character, which will be used in a point and click mobile game targeting 8-10 year children
- Attractive graphics and animation
- Skeletal animation using Spine
- Optional: having two characters, one for boy, another for girl
- Please provide previous samples made
- The character should be similar to SpinceUnityGirl in
which I guess its project is in
spine-runtimes/examples/spine-unity/spineunitygirl at 3.8

Character design:
- A boy from the Middle East, with dark brown/black eyes/hair
- Wearing T-Shirt and trousers (cloths that are used indoor and outdoor, till we have separate ones later).

- Walk: up, upper-right, right, lower-right, down
- Blink: right, lower-right, down

Expected delivery:
- Project folders

- Nice images (for further discussions):

Simple cloths (but too big head)

Cartoon characters

P.S.: for some reason I am not allowed to use URL BBcode
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