Hello guys, :happy:

As I'm following you since a long time ago. I have the Spine Professional Edition and also use the Unreal Editor just for fun. I did electronic studies for my personnal research. :think:

:nerd: My question will be simple if I expose you the facts :
3D is very cool for edition of visual contents so I use it...
2D is a powerfull rendering mode as fast it does...
1D is the electronic chipset that flow the content from 3D-2D datas to my CRT (my screen)...

As 3D environnements are quite mature for edition. With Calculus we can block AXIS, so...
Don't you think that we could make a video compiler for a chipset that transform 3D datas to 2D Spine Datas, like API(s), that render through the CRT as fast as possible. ?!? :bang:

As I know, that will perform the future for 4K, 8K or 16MAX screens for real image improvements. :sun:
(Maybe I'm to old :time: to work anymore and should take my pills, :beer: ...but I don't want to see anymore Wars in game developpement). https://youtu.be/vNUNprUPEsw

:heart: Peace for Love... Renaud
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