I look for animator who would like to join our team (longterm) working on legendaryones.com, which is under development. We need someone communicative with at least some experience.

We need to create few stance skeletons (idle, attack, defend etc.) and add on them around 30 armors, weapons and head assets. Characters will be built dynamically from equiped items before battle, so all each item must be in separate file in JSON.

I think that solution is to make all armors the same so we can always use the same skeleton (torso, legs, shoulder, arms). Artist draw the armors almost the same so they can be put on the same skeleton to speed it up. I don't want to create original skeleton for each armor and each stance.

Our inspiration for battles is Darkest Dungeon, so you can check to have an idea.

Anyone who has experience with something similar is a huge plus.

Skype: tempest32
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sent you a pm :)
Kheillustrations <3
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Tom Nowik

Hi Jan. Are you still looking for online Spine animator? Here is portfolio: https://vimeo.com/tomeknowik. Regards, Tom
Tom Nowik
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